Signature Programs


WestLABAt Westmark, we know that education is not confined to the classroom.

An essential part of our school experience is to guide students to better understand their community, while also discovering how they best interact and work within that community.

The WestLAB program provides an opportunity for students to spend a day immersing themselves in real life, real time operations, as well as engage in highly specialized college activities. The take away for our students will be a better understanding of what the given field is all about, the real life requirements to be successful in those fields, and some insight into the path one must take to get there. Exposure and practice in these environments will help them discover their passion in a vocation or field of interest, and will be especially useful in shaping their college, career or vocational choices.

WestLAB trips are optional experiences for all Upper School students. Students may choose to participate depending on their interest and consent from their parent guardians and academic counselors.