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Summer Reading


All Westmark students are asked to complete summer reading in order to develop their reading skills, foster connection and engagement with literature, and activate their imagination.  The primary goal of the summer reading project is for the students to read as many books as they can as we want to generate excitement about reading.  We also want to foster a student’s ability to make meaningful connections to what they read.  To facilitate this, students are asked to complete writing assignments on two of the books they read over the summer. Finally, because an assignment of this nature asks students to harness their executive functioning, we are asking them to complete a backward planning document to ensure that they can finish reading at least two books over the summer.


The summer assignment will consist of the following:

  1. Students are encouraged to read at least two books (see below for lists)

  2. Students entering Honors classes must complete at least two books

  3. Students are asked to fill out the backward planning document (see below)

  4. Students must complete all two writing assignments associated with their books:

    1. One worksheet (see below)

    2. One book report (see below)

  5. *** Some reading students may be asked to maintain a reading log to help them keep track of their daily reading (see Reading Teacher for Logs)