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P.E. Overview

Team players. Leaders. Credit sharers. Gracious competitors. The lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and a healthy attitude toward athletic competition are the primary goals of the physical education and sports program at Westmark. This is achieved through an age-appropriate, creative and challenging athletics curriculum in Grades 2 through 10. From an emphasis on participation, fitness, skills and sportsmanship in the youngest grades to continuing participation and ability-based teams in the upper school, our enthusiastic student-athletes are well prepared for high school athletics and lifetime physical activities.

Valuable Life Lessons. Physical Education.Participation in our physical education program provides unique learning opportunities and is an integral part of the School’s mission. The life lessons taught are valuable and cannot effectively be replicated in the other contexts of day-to-day life within our school community. Great emphasis is placed on the physical fitness and wellness of the students. The goal of striving for a consistent level of excellence is essential.

P.E. at the Upper School

P.E. at the Upper School

The Upper School physical education experience provides students with the opportunity to use their motor skills to implement routines that will help their personal development. Through individual and team activities students will have the chance to appreciate the importance of collaboration and healthy competition. The purpose of our current class is to increase student’s knowledge and understanding of the five components of physical fitness (cardiovascular health, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and body composition) and how their activities and sports are affected by external factors such as nutrition, injury and stress.

General Physical Education Class: 9th – 10th grade team sports, individual and developmental activities are offered in a curriculum designed to be responsive to the students’ level of skills and interest. In addition, an effort is made to develop an interest in and an appreciation of fitness. All physical education students are also urged to play on Westmark Athletic Team’s, which are inclusive of all students who wish to participate.

Strength and Conditioning: 9th – 10th grade is a year round class performance course designed to improve physical strength, lean body mass, functional mobility and aerobic conditioning. Strength and conditioning includes a classroom component in anatomy and physiology sports nutrition, exercise technique and training methods.

Purchase P.E. Uniforms

Purchase P.E. UniformsUniforms will be distributed during P.E. classes, at which time students will be able to choose the size that best fits them.

The new P.E. uniform shorts and shirts are a Nike dri-fit, high performance microfiber polyester fabric that moves sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface where it evaporates.

Costs: Shirt $22.00 , Shorts $27.00

  • All students in Grades 6-10 are required to wear the Westmark School P.E. Uniform.
  • If you recently purchased a Westmark School P.E. Uniform from last year, your child may still wear them, provided they are in good condition.
  • Student-Athletes on Middle School and Upper School teams are encouraged to wear the new uniform at all training sessions.
  • Westmark School P.E. Uniforms purchases will be reflected on your student billing account.