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Katharine Gibson, Ed.D 
College Counselor
Phone: (818) 986-5045, ext. 336

MISSION STATEMENT   Westmark School is a creative and supportive college preparatory school dedicated to educating, empowering, and celebrating students with distinct learning styles, providing the tools necessary to achieve successful and fulfilling futures.



Is there really a right college for everyone? How does one start the process and complete the task of applying to, and selecting a college? What if I’m not sure college is the right path for me? As you look to answer these and countless other college-related questions, you can expect hands-on, supportive guidance from our College Counseling Program.  Westmark believes strongly that students should carry the responsibility for as much of the process as possible because ultimately it is the student’s future. Collecting information, soliciting recommendations, writing a personal narrative, and managing multiple deadlines are all essential skills for college and for success in life. That being said, students come to the process with different degrees of readiness; we meet students where they are and guide them toward the next level of independence. 

Our college counseling office provides students with a
well-developed program that will not only assess a
student’s college options but also has methods in place for:


addressing a student’s search for identity
confronting the feelings of vulnerability and apprehension with
   which students and families wrestle

assessing the need for academic support
identifying appropriate accommodations for standardized tests
   and college

assisting students and families with the transition out of high school

Westmark’s College Office provides a program that:

helps students create an appropriate college list
hosts admissions representative from across the country
provides pertinent information about colleges, GAP years,
   applications, and financial aid

holds individual meetings with students throughout junior and
   senior year

presents college informational meetings throughout the year
offers ongoing support and advocacy for each student and family. 

My ultimate goal is to support and empower each student through the college search and application process. I feel fortunate to work with you during this exciting process.