Signature Programs

Summer Reading

All Upper School students are required to complete
a summer reading project in order to ensure their continued success in reading and English
in the upcoming school year.

To view grade-specific Summer Reading Project assignments,
view the appropriate grade level.

Students are required to submit their Summer Reading Projects
on the first day of school in August.

All of the books chosen are of high interest and value to Upper School students.
They are also all available through the audiobooks program, Learning Ally,
which all Westmark students have access to.

CLICK HERE for Directions to Accessing Learning Ally for more information.

Detailed instructions for the summer reading project are available
on the grade-specific tabs on this web page.

Please find the required and/or suggested reading lists for each grade
by simply clicking on the link for your grade level.

Please email Darlene Grover, Chair of the Upper School English Department
at, if you have any questions.

Director of Upper School
Jennifer Terris Feldman
818-986-5045 ext. 339

Email Ms. Terris