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School Counselor

Supporting Our Student’s Full Potential
Westmark’s counseling office guides and supports our students to elevate their self-esteem, help navigate friendships and social experiences, and guide them through challenges in conflict resolution. In Upper School, students are preparing for life beyond Westmark which includes becoming focused on their goals and becoming independent problem solvers with critical thinking skills who advocate for themselves.

In our Upper School program, we work closely with students to provide opportunities to learn important life skills through a personal development program, The Art & Science of Self. We examine the functions of the mind, and explore how to nurture one’s intelligence and how patterned behaviors form, as well as participating in concept-related activities.

Raising adults who lead fulfilling lives involves individuation which can be a challenging time for parents and educators as these teen years include a push and pull reminiscent of the toddler years. Offering compassion while establishing healthy boundaries provides the opportunity to deepen connections and transition into more mature relationships. We are here to support both parents and students in steering their trajectory as needed.

Julie Reid
School Counselor

818-986-5045 ext. 377