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Individualized Instruction


Individualized Instruction OverviewLearning differences vary from person to person, ranging in scope and severity, requiring an individualized learning program for each student. The more students understand about how they learn, the more likely they will develop strategies to compensate for their weaknesses and take pride in their strengths.

At Westmark, we believe strongly that early intervention is the key to success for students with learning differences. Individualized attention is fundamental to our philosophy of education, starting at the Lower School. Highly qualified teachers deliver intensive reading instruction in small groups of four. Math instruction takes place in groups containing a maximum of six students. Content area courses in History, Language Arts, and the Sciences are designed for a maximum of twelve students. This small class size allows teachers to provide for the needs of each student while drawing from a variety of research based programs to create multisensory and dynamic lessons.


ReadingUpon gaining admission to Westmark, students receive an intensive reading assessment to determine appropriate placement in Westmark's customized reading program to best meet each student's individual current needs. All reading classes contain a maximum of four students and are taught by teachers intensively trained and experienced in various methodologies specifically designed to help our learners. As students move through the Lower School, progress is continually monitored and student placement adapted accordingly.



Westmark explicitly teaches all of the essential content covered in the California Mathematics Academic Content Standards while intentionally customizing instruction to the needs of each of our learners. Upon gaining admission to Westmark, students are assessed to determine the math placement that is the most appropriate fit for their current strengths and needs. Rather than being placed in limited grade level classes, students across grades are grouped by ability. Each math class contains a maximum of eight students. Online assessments and games keep teachers up to date on student progress and reinforce instructional concepts in an engaging way.