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Experiential Learning


Experiential LearningWestmark School’s experiential learning program is designed to offer students learning opportunities outside of the classroom that promote camaraderie, leadership, and independence while also exposing them to the natural world and local ecosystems, reinforcing and building upon their daily their academic curriculum as well. Experiential activities allow students to experience the challenge of navigating new and natural environments, build confidence and nurture relationships with their classmates.

Experiential Curriculum

Experiential CurriculumLower School students embark on exciting field trips, Middle School students participate in outdoor adventure trips and service projects, while Upper School students attend conferences, become student mentors, and are exposed to hands-on learning opportunities in the workplace, and in life.

At the beginning of each school year, grades 5 through 12 participate in an outdoor adventure trip. Each trip itinerary is age appropriate and is designed to take students out of their daily environments in order for them to experience the challenge of navigating a new and natural environment. The trips take place at the beginning of the year because these experiences prove to be paramount in building self-confidence and student relationships.

In addition to the outdoor education trips, Westmark also structures and organizes specific trips for 8th graders and 11th/12th graders. During the first week of spring break, 8th graders are encouraged to travel with their teacher chaperones to Washington, D.C., where they can physically touch and experience important sights of our nation’s capitol. This trip also corresponds with their 8th grade Social Studies curriculum. 11th/12th grade students are invited to travel internationally with their teachers and classmates. Past trips include Peru, Greece, and Ireland. During this week, students gain a greater understanding of this particular international region while also engaging in service projects, ecological learning, and outdoor activities such as kayaking, white water rafting.