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College Prep


College Prep OverviewWestmark’s College Center works closely with students and their families to navigate the road to college, helping to identify and evaluate students’ choices and options after graduation. As part of the school’s comprehensive college counseling program, students receive support in preparing for standardized testing, identifying appropriate accommodations, preparing for the college interview and essays, and developing self-advocacy skills.

College Counseling

At Westmark, each student has every opportunity to be knowledgeable about the opportunities to continue his/her education after high school. Towards that end, Westmark provides a comprehensive college and career-counseling program.

Westmark’s college advisor assist students and parents with the significant decisions required as part of each student’s “next step” after high school. Informative group sessions as well as individual meetings with students and parents provide information about the college admissions process and critical issues, including identifying appropriate accommodations, becoming a self-advocate in the competitive admissions process, preparation for college tours and meetings, test preparation, and more.