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Advanced technologies play an essential role in students' learning. Each student has an iPad, SMART Boards are in every classroom, and a diverse range of assistive and educational technologies allow students to access the curriculum and support an equally diverse range of learning styles.


Learning differences vary, requiring an individualized learning program for each student. When students understand how they learn, they develop strategies to compensate for weaknesses and take pride in their strengths.


Westmark’s Social Emotional curriculum is a vehicle for students to explore their identity, develop leadership skills, and strategies for self-advocacy. The program fosters community, and provides increased self-awareness and 
social thinking skills.


Westmark School athletics promote positive attitudes, develop skills and knowledge and encourage students to have fun. We promote sportsmanship, honesty, commitment, support, patience, hard work, integrity, loyalty, and pride.


Westmark's Art curriculum encompasses performing, visual and digital arts, providing our students opportunities to explore their creativity, and develop advanced skill levels.


A key emphasis of the Westmark education is on the development of responsible members of society who contribute their time, energies, and talents to improving the quality of life in our school, community, nation, and world.


Westmark School’s experiential learning program offers students learning opportunities outside of the classroom that promote camaraderie, leadership, and independence and apply classroom learning to real world environments.


Through a wide array of enrichment program offerings, including after school classes and clubs, students have an opportunity to explore their strengths, discover new interests and build community outside of the classroom.


Westmark’s College Center works closely with students and their families to navigate the road to college. Students receive support in preparing for testing, identifying appropriate accommodations, preparing for the college interview and essays, and developing self-advocacy skills.


The Westmark difference extends beyond just the classroom. With a beautiful athletic field, highly competitive sports teams, a small sound stage and production studio, countless enrichment programs including a vibrant music and visual arts program, amazing class trips, a growing emphasis in the visual arts, student leadership opportunities as well as enlightening community service programs, Westmark has much to offer motivated, creative, and athletic students, from lower school through high school graduation and beyond.