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Annual Fund

GOAL: $1.2 MILLION. Westmark School is widely recognized as one of the leading LD schools for grades 2-12. Our faculty and staff are experts in their areas; our small class size and ratios combined with research-based methodologies and a strength-based approach to learning support our students’ distinct learning styles.

Support student success...Support the Annual Fund today!


The Westmark Annual Fund is our year-long annual giving campaign, which supports a strength-based education and allows students to thrive. This year’s Annual Fund runs through June 30, 2019. Gifts made early in the school year provide maximum benefit to our students and overall academic programs.  

Your support makes a difference to
every student, every day!

Gifts to the Westmark Annual Fund are earmarked for the current school year's operating expenses and make up the difference between what tuition covers and the actual cost of running the school.  About 10% of Westmark School’s income comes from your philanthropic support.

We seek 100% Participation! All parents, grandparents, friends, faculty / staff, and Board of Trustees are asked to make a gift to the Annual Fund.  Your participation makes a difference to every student, every day! Your generosity is very much appreciated. 

Westmark Annual Fund dollars are critical as they enable us to enrich the lives of our students and faculty, by providing financial support for a wide range of programs and initiatives. Read on, and learn how your important donation dollars support our children and ensure their success!




Westmark recognizes that performing, visual and digital arts education allows our students the ability to express their creativity, develop confidence and provide an outlet for extraordinary creativity.  Funds raised will support the expansion of key art programming:

  • Expanded visual arts program and offerings
  • Music electives such as band, keyboard, music theory and music appreciation
  • Digital Arts, including photography and WNN (Westmark News Network)



Athletic programs are essential to our educational mission.  They help students challenge themselves, work as a team, and support our expanded sports programming in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. Some key areas the Annual Fund supports:

  • Upgraded access to gym facilities
  • Increased number of coaches and specialized coaching expertise in each division
  • Enhanced equipment and uniforms, as well as safety training

Curriculum Development & Individualized Learning


Your Westmark Annual Fund dollars directly impact our ability to create cutting-edge academic programs for our distinct learners.  Our focus is always on individualized learning. In the past year alone, we have instituted new innovative programs including a focus on social emotional learning (SEL), expanded Lower School classes with improved teacher-to-student ratios, and flexible-ability learning groups in math and reading. 

Service Learning, Diversity & Support Programs


Service Learning programs offer our students an opportunity to learn more about their community and the world.  These opportunities allow students to foster understanding and acceptance of varying perspectives, cultures, religions, and ethnicities.  They also discover ways they can serve and assist others.  Students are offered opportunities to participate in diversity programs and have access to social/emotional support systems.  Some of those programs include:

  • Project Eye-to-Eye Mentoring programs
  • Student Diversity Leadership Conference 
  • WestLAB

Staff Development & Training


A Westmark education is only as strong as the educators who bring our unique strength-based learning to life. We create differentiated learning environment for our students, and it’s where our investment yields the most rewards for student growth.  Professional development is a priority each year for our faculty and staff.  This specialized training includes at least two weeks of dedicated training during the summer and dedicated weekly in service development.  Specialized training includes:

  • Slingerland Training
  • Lindamood-Bell Training      
  • Math Links 
  • Saxon Math

Additionally, faculty and staff are now trained in social-emotional learning (SEL), which has an important impact on the classroom environment and the students.




Westmark is committed to being at the forefront of neurodiversity learning and utilizing technological innovation to enable our students to be supported in their distinct learning styles.  These 21st century skills will more efficiently and effectively prepare students for the rigors of the modern world.  Westmark Annual Fund dollars help us to continually update and upgrade our technology resources, where students in 2nd through 12th Grade engage in projects using neuro-specific educational software, graphic design software, iPads, 3-D printers, and more.

Students and faculty alike benefit from learning and teaching in innovative and engaging ways.

Tuition Assistance


Westmark continues to experience a rise in the number of applications for tuition assistance. Currently, 25% of Westmark students receive financial assistance to attend Westmark; this allows families from a wide array of diverse socio-economic backgrounds to send their children to attend school here. Westmark continues to make it a priority to increase the amount of tuition assistance available, allowing more assistance to more families who otherwise would not be able to afford the cost of a private, specialized education.