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Thank You to Our 2021–2022 Donors

We are grateful for the philanthropy of our donor community. This critical support of our 2021–2022 Be the Difference campaign will enable the School to continue creating robust opportunities for diversity, development, and discovery. Thank you for being the difference in our students' lives.

Westmark Fund 2021–2022

Over $383,000 raised to date towards our $800,000 fundraising goal

This list reflects gifts made to the Westmark Fund as of November 19, 2021.

Anne and Matthew Aberle
Renata and Joseph Abraham
Jeanine Abrams
Lora Adler
Peter Altman
Janet and Enzo Autiero
Cordelia Bacher
Sherin Guirguis-Barrie and Kelly Barrie
Jessica and Gibran Begum
Natasha and Daniel Belson
Eilat and Reeve Benaron
Debra and Lee Bogdanoff
Jenny Boone
Nancy Branscombe and Ken Kalopsis
Erika Briks-Stafford
Katherine Brown and Rene Mendoza
Leigh Bulkeley
Renee and Richard Butkus
Gail Caplan
Mia Cariño
Angela Carter
Jessica Cattani
Nicole and David Cefali
Valery and David Chamberlin
David Clark and Sam Elias
Patricia and David Cohen
Chris Cook
Lily Fukuda Crummy and Kevin Crummy
Dawn and Robert Cunnion
Matthew and Carrie Dalton
Johanna Denis
Susan and Brian Doolittle
Paul Eamnarangkool
Morris Elazar
Tracy and Greg Forester
Josh and Brandi Fraser
Elyssa and Craig Furst
Douglas Gardner
Katharine Gibson

Charlotte Gjedsted
Anya Goldin and Alex Klachin
Cindy Goodman
Nancy and Dan Grodnik
Michele Hakakha
Emilie Halpern
Robert Herscu
Zachary T. Hinckley '21
Mara and Marc Hofman
Anne Huarte and James Campbell
John Huey and Kelly Souders
Margaret Hunt and Keith Sherry
Kurt and Jodi Jacobsen
Connor Kalopsis '21
Amanda and Craig Katz
Jody Katz
Sonia and Robert Kirkman
Claudia and Joe Koochek
Jenna J. Lamica
Xiomara Lanza
Sandra Leshem
Robert Leveen
Jeffrey and Sarah Levitt
Jonnelle Lewin
Sherry Luchette
Valerie Mazzanti
Sally McDonald and Hope Smith
Anne McGrail
Dale Melidosian
Teri Eastwood Molls and Donnie Molls
Stephanie and William Murray
Johnnie and Sadie Novello
Jenny Young Pavelka
Elise Perer and Jeffrey Kohn
Kia Perry
Cheryl and John Perry
Dominic Pesoli and Tina Park-Pesoli
Ryan and Oma Pickens
Matthew Pilecki

Nydia M. Pineda
Christopher and Joseph Rice-Shepherd
Alyssa and Jess Richardson
Gina and Rene Rodriguez
Toni and Derek Roeder
Suzanne and Stefan Rosenthal
Brittany Rouse
Bonnie Lemon and Roderick Rozanski
Stephanie Salinas
Tracy and Ben Samek
Sara Singer Schiff and Hans Schiff
Craig and Wende Schoof
Diane Seaman
Lori Shackel
Ilya Shick
Derek and Mercedes Shields
Laine and Richard Siklos
Danny Slavens
Jasmine and Stephen Sommars
Susan Spencer
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Stephen Stone
Samantha Strazza
Stephanie Sztanski
Andrea Taylor
Wendi and Stephen Trilling
Alexandra Von Tiergarten
Mary Vukadinovich
Eric Watson
J. Scott and Obaida Watt
Michael and Ruth Weintraub
Haley Yamamoto
Marla Yukelson
Brooke and Erik Zeegen

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this list is accurate and inclusive. If there is a mistake in the published information, please accept our apology and contact us at so that we can correct it in our records and future listings.