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Westmark Fund:

This listing reflects gifts made for the 2020-2021 school year
as of February 17, 2021.

Ann and Matthew Aberle
Renata and Joseph Abraham
Veda Adams
Lora Adler
Jesus Amador
Shani and Jeremy Amen
Dennis Anderson and Douglas Sturnick
Anonymous (4)
Tammy Apana-Dianda and Joseph Dianda
Johnnie Arevalo
Cordelia Bacher
Cassie Baird
Catherine Bander and Susan Lindner Bander
Patty Barrows
Jeannine Bass
Miriam and Joseph Beezy
Daniel and Natasha Belson
Reeve and Eilat Benaron
Amy Bessone
Debra and Lee Bogdanoff
Jenny Boone 
Ann and Jason Boyce
Brad Lemons Foundation
Nancy Branscombe and Ken Kalopsis
Robyn Bridges
Erika Briks-Stafford
Tracy and Mitchell Brody
Katherine Brown and Rene Mendoza
Nancy Banks and Andy Buckley
David Burns
Stephanie Burns
Renee and Richard Butkus
Ingrid Calame
Gail and Richard Carson
Jessica Cattani
Nicole and David Cefali
Valery and David Chamberlin
Juan Chavez
Dinesh Chhetri and Lillian Morris
David Clark and Sam Elias
Janet Burns Clark
Inez Coffman
Patty and David Cohen
Chris Cook
Susan and Mike Cornner
Michelle and Jamie Court
Lily Fukuda Crummy and Kevin Crummy
DawnMarie and Robert Cunnion
David & Judy Shore Foundation, Inc.
Lisa Dawe and Darrell Park
Mario De Los Santos
Johanna Denis
Marissa DeSiena
Ruth and John Devine
John Dolan and Sarah Lambert
Mary C. Dolan
Ann Donahue and Joan Scheibel
Caitlin and Christian Donohue
Susan and Brian Doolittle
Jenine and Eric Dreisen
Noreen Green-Drew and Ian Drew
Geoffrey Edwards and Sarah Haskins
Gabriel C. Elias '19
David and Jackie Engen
Riccardo and Alexandra Falconeri
Cheryl Feldman and Jack Hertz
Julie and Henry Fisher
Denise and David Fleming
Tanya and Brent Fogel
Isabelle Fox
Craig and Elyssa Furst
Katharine Gibson
Danna and Kevin Gillespie
Donald and Maureen Gillespie
Jill and Craig Gillett
Dalia and Lawrance Goldberg
Anya Goldin and Alex Klachin
Jasmine and Moises Gonzalez
Marie and Esau Gonzalez
Cindy Goodman
Christine Gorski
Bobbie Gray
Jodi and Robert Groff
Jordyn and David Grohl
Sheila and Martin Grossman
Lisa Hanish
Benjamin Harris
Beth and Scott Harris
Catherine Haskins
Kimberly and Michael Harryman
Sarah Hemphill and Jay Martel
Tamir Hendelman
Chris and Tara Herrmann
Henry and Karen Herrmann
Monica and Mauricio Hernandez
Cynthia Hersch
Mara and Marc Hofman
Jared Hughes '90
Vivian and Marc Hurwitz
Jodi and Kurt Jacobsen
Robert and Barbara Jesuele
Jay Johnson
Patricia G. Johnson
Suzanne Kamenir Krane and Justin Krane
Eric Kan
Melissa and Mark Kates
In Memory of Deena Katz
Melissa and Chris Kaye
Jelani Kelly
Gina Kelsch
Erika and Mike Kemmerer
James and Sandy Kilcourse
Sonia and Robert Kirkman
Claudia Koochek
Roberta Kung and David Simon
Barry and Beverly Kurtz
Samuel and Karen Lambert
Jenna Lamica
DiAnn Langer-Levine
Catalina and Javier Lara
Shamicka Lawrence
Bonnie Lemon and Roderick Rozanski
Sandra Leshem
Leigh Leveen
Adam and Brittany Levinson
Sarah and Jeffrey Levitt
Ilyse and Ronen Levy
Ellyn and Lorraine Lewis
Margarita and Michel Lim
Jorge Lopez
Jennifer Luce
Sherry Luchette
Mary Beth Ludden
Michelle Lund
Andrea and Christopher Mack
Sarah Mael
Alice Malin
Wendy and Neil Massa
Bethany and Thomas Martin
Lydia McCarter
Hilary and Doug McDonald
Anne McGrail and Kristin Anderson
Elisabeth McInnes
Ann Mendoza
Melissa Meyer
Thomas Michna and Rick Simner
Irene and George Miller
Jewele Miller
Thomas and Wendy Milovina
Teri Eastwood Molls and Donnie Molls
Cindy Morales
Stephanie and William Murray
Alisa and Todd Nathanson
Shannon and Luciano Nuques
Katie O'Connor
Ornest Family Foundation
Kristi Anderson Ornstein
Beth Orsoff
Scott and Maggie Owen
Wendy and Rory Packer
Jennifer and Paul Pavelka
Mark Pellington
Veronica Penn-Turner and Michael Turner
Cheryl and John Perry
Dominic Pesoli and Tina Park-Pesoli
Orna and Ryan Pickens
Nydia Pineda 
Julie Porter
Jason and Gara Post
Jamie Prijatel and Andrew Jordan
Steffani and Nicholas Pugh
Ellie Rafferty
Kevin Rex
Sharon and Richard Rhode
Vanessa Rhodes
Alyssa and Jess Richardson
Laura and Michael Richter
Gina and Rene Rodriguez
Karine Rosenthal and Robert Fisher
Stephen and Celia Rosenthal
Suzanne and Stefan Rosenthal
Gavin Rossdale
Stuart Rudnick and Doreen Braverman
Pany and Zhobin Rumteen
Lael Ryan
Amy and Robert Sackler
Tracy and Ben Samek
Sara Singer Schiff and Hans Schiff
Craig and Wende Schoof
Michael Schwartz
Lori Shackel
Peter Shames and Jan Baron Shames
Erin Shapiro
The Sharon D. Lund Foundation
Melissa and Kenneth Sheer
Ginger and William Sherak
Derek and Mercedes Shields
David and Judy Shore
Yvette Silvera and Steve Schweitzer
Marcie and Derek Simpson
Margot and C. Edward Simpson
Brooke Smith and Steven Lubensky
Ian and Helen Smith
Justin Smith
Katherine Spielman
Susan Spencer
Lauri and Kenneth Spero
Artur and Melinda Spigel  
Karen and Brad Sraberg
Benjamin M. Steers '93
Gwen Stefani
Ashly Stohl
Dave Stohl
Stephen Stone
Samantha Strazza
Michele and Tony Strickland
Melissa Strong
Emily Stuver
Kevin Swinney
Stephanie Sztanski
Stephanie and Frank Tavelman
Esther Taylor
Viviana Teruel-Armstrong
Justin Thompson
Rae Sanchini Tobey and Bruce Tobey
Wendi and Stephen Trilling
Christine Truong
Patricia Valli
Bria Verdugo-Uy
Alexandra Von Tiergarten and Eric Watson
Mary Vukadinovich
Clinton and Dessislava Wade
Thom and Cassandra Washington
Suzanne and Brian Watson
Scott and Obaida Watt
Cameron Webb
Ona Wexler
Angela White
Jerry White
Richard and Diane Weinberg
Meredith and Samuel Weiner
Gaia and Wade Winter
Lonnie Wittenberg
Jane and John Wright
Margaret Young and Tim Swan
Marla Yukelson
Nadia and Sam Zaman
Brooke and Erik Zeegen
Lorey and Steven Zlotnick
Steven Zubkoff
Jessica Zuniga