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Thank you for investing in our mission and our vision.

Westmark School extends our deepest gratitude to the many families, foundations, and friends who have left a lasting impact on our students' lives through philanthropic giving.

In support of the current 2023–2024 school year, we call on you to remember that "Today Is the Day" to give. We thank everyone who has already made a gift to this year's Westmark Fund. See below to track the progress of the campaign.

Westmark Fund 2023–2024

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Our Donor Community

Our list is always growing! If you don’t see your name listed below, we hope you’ll join our donor community soon.


Grade 2

Anonymous  •  Amena and Brandon Mebane  •   Kaley and Jason Sallade  •  Ziad Toubassy  •  Ally and Dylan Wiley

Grade 3

Anonymous  •  Alexandra and Yaniv Kadoche  •  Kara and Abraham Navarro  •  Stefanie and Michael Pollack  •  Gina and Jonathan Rocca  • Emily and Jeff Vespa  •  Tricia and Erin Xavier


Grade 4

Anonymous  •  Tom Carver  •  Jane Dascalos  •  Ritu Kumar and Aaron Epstein  •  Soyon and Baz Halpin  •  Laura and Jose Martinez  •  Lorig Mushegain  •  Margaret Riley Carver  •  Cori Schnieber  •  Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton   •  Kristina and Tyler Stonebreaker

Grade 5

Beth Orsoff and Steven Bingen  •  Jamie Prijatel and Andrew Jordan  •  Melissa and Chad Lasdon  •  Elkin Martinez Delgado  •  Cecilia and Artee Panghongkeow  •  Jasmine Sadjadian  •  Jacie and Caesar Schwarz  •  Daniela and Matt Sheahan

Grade 6

Anonymous  • Dena and John Beck  • Candice Kominas and Brady Granier  • Shannon Hall and Peter Grumbine  • Emilie Halpern  • Amanda Loesser  • Tina Park-Pesoli and Dominic Pesoli  • Orna and Ryan Pickens  • Sabah and Del Rahman  • Lina Vazquez and Carlos Rivas  • Toni and Derek Roeder  • Mercedes and Derek Shields  • Elizabeth Clemmons and Brian Smith  • Melinda and Adrian Stern

Grade 7

Anonymous (3)  •  Lauren and Peter Altman  •  Janet and Enzo Autiero  •  Wendy and Steve Baldikoski  •  Sherin Guirguis and Kelly Barrie  •  Becky and Ben Berkman  •  Jennifer and Kevin Berson  •  Nancy Banks and Andy Buckley  •  Anne Huarte and Jim Campbell  •  Nicole and Dave Cefali  •  Doris and Ramin Daneshgar  •  Susan and Brian Doolittle  •  Sarah Haskins and Geoff Edwards  •  Susan Paley Fisher and Kevin Fisher  •  Brandi and Josh Fraser  •  Kenya and Julian Green  •  Jamie Prijatel and Andrew Jordan  •  Amanda and Craig Katz  •  Michelle McGee and Nick Kerr  •  Elise Perer and Jeffrey Kohn  •  Krissy and Ludo Lefebvre  •  Sarah and Jeff Levitt  •  Jonnelle and Chad Lewin  •  Harper and Andrew McDonald  •  Nancy and Mitesh Patel  •  Krissy and Joey Perez  •  Toni and Derek Roeder  •  Vanessa Coifman and Sagiv Rosano  •  Jasmine Sadjadian  •  Tracy and Ben Samek  •  Calllie and George Stemerman  •  Jennifer Thomas  •  Obaida and Scott Watt  •  Mary Carmen Torres Rodriguez and Jose Zuniga Medina

Grade 8

Anonymous (3)  •  Allison and Chad Geving  •  Miura and Brian Kite  •  Ilyse and Ronen Levy  •  Teri and Stephen Levy  •  Gina and Rene Rodriguez Jr.  •  Jasmine and Steve Sommars  •  Suki and Thomas St. John  •  Michael Thaxton  •  Dessi and Clinton Wade

Grade 9

Sonia and Robert Kirkman  •  Hope Smith and Sally McDonald  •  Stephanie and William Murray  •  Kevin Rex  •  Jen and Jim Schultz  •. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton  •  Cambrien and Nate Snyder  •  Susan Spencer  •  Amanda Swift

Grade 10

Anonymous (3)  •  Carolynn Crossman  •  Amy Davis  •  Nancy Branscombe and Ken Kalopsis  •  Brittany and Adam Levinson  •  Amanda Loesser  •  Kate Angelo and Francois Mobasser  •  Gina and Rene Rodriguez Jr.  •  Yvette Silvera and Steve Schweitzer  •  Dennis Anderson and Douglas Sturnick  •  Megan and John Tantillo  •  Veronica Penn-Turner and Michael Turner  •  Alexandra Von Tiergarten

Grade 11

Anne Rana Aberle and Matthew Aberle  •  Shani and Jeremy Amen  •  Gibran and Jessica Begum  •  Patty and David Cohen  •  Denise and David Fleming  •  Tara and Chris Herrmann  •  Jodi and Kurt Jacobsen  •  Michelle Agnew and Joanna Johnson  •  Heather and Kevin O’Connell  •  Bonnie Lemon and Roderick Rozanski  •  Amy Sackler  •  Robert Sackler  •  Kaley and Jason Sallade  •  Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton  •  Laine Siklos  •  Jennifer Trapnell and Mark Trapnell  •  Veronica Penn-Turner and Michael Turner

Grade 12

Robin and Garrett Feldman  •  Leigh and Rich Flisher  •  Liz Morehead and Martin Hilton  •  Kristin and Jeff Joseff  •  Melissa and Mark Kates  •  Sonia and Robert Kirkman  •  Ilyse and Ronen Levy  •  Margarita and Michel Lim  •  Anne McGrail  •  Katherine Brown and Rene Mendoza  •  Cheryl and John Perry  •  Kevin Rex  •  Elizabeth Kate Simpson  •  Wendi and Stephen Trilling

Faculty and Staff

Jeanine Abrams  •  Didi Anofienem  •  Viviana Armstrong  •  Patty Barrows  •  Evelyn Betancourth  •  Marc L. Blackwell  •  Elena Bonomo  •  Jenny Boone  •  Ed Brady  •  Stephanie Braun  •  Robyn Bridges  •  Erika Briks-Stafford  •  Leigh Bulkeley  •  Jessica Cano  •  Mia Cariño  •  Jessica Cattani  •  Krystal Centinello  •  Sean Christensen  •  Johanna Denis  •  Robin Drysdale  •  Amy Dugré  •  Doug Gardner  •  Katharine Gibson  •  Lisa Hanish  •  Cynthia Hersch  •  Avery Hill  •  Lisa Hitchel  •  Jay Johnson  •  Kathy Kastelan  •  Jodie Katofsky  •  Claudia Koochek  •  Jenna and Chris Lamica  •  Xiomara Lanza  •  Mary Beth Ludden  •  Brenda Menjivar  •  Cindy Morales  •  Kevin North  •  Nydia Pineda  •  Sorin Puchiu  •  Lael Ryan  •  Stephanie Salinas  •  Craig Schoof  •  Erin Shapiro  •  Nicholas Simmons  •  Danny Slavens  •  Megan Stark  •  Erick Street  •  Jennifer Stroud  •  Emily Stuver  •  Stephanie Sztanski  •  Andrea Taylor  •  Mitzy Velez  •  Mary Vukadinovich  •  Tricia and Erin Xavier  •  Marla Yukelson  •  Jessica Zuñiga


Cordelia Bacher Sweetland  •  Lily Fukuda Crummy and Kevin Crummy  •  Brandi and Josh Fraser  •  Mara and Marc Hofman  •  Nancy Branscombe and Ken Kalopsis  •  Sandy and James Kilcourse  •  Anya Goldin and Alex Klachin  •  Melissa and Chad Lasdon  •  Brittany and Adam Levinson  •  Krissy and Joey Perez  •  Judy and David Shore  •  Wendi and Stephen Trilling  •  Veronica Penn-Turner and Michael Turner  •  Alexandra Von Tiergarten


Angelo Family Charitable Foundation  •  Brad Lemons Foundation  •  DriveWise Auto  •  Nanette and Burt Forester  •  Sheila and Martin Grossman  •  Catelyn Hofman  •  Virginia Kelsch  •  Beverly and Barry Kurtz  •  Nancy and Larry Levitt  •  Wendy and Rory Packer  •  Doreen Braverman and Stuart Rudnick  •  Diane Seaman

The list and table above reflect gifts received before February 2, 2024. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is inclusive and accurate. If there is a mistake in the published information, please accept our apology and contact us at advancement@westmarkschool.org so that we can correct the error as soon as possible.

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