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School Counseling

Helping your child navigate amongst the COVID-19 pandemic is very important to their academic growth and social-emotional well-being.
School Counselors Samantha Strazza and Jessica Cattani will work closely with teachers and staff to monitor
student needs and will adjust ongoing support to adapt to this new context.
Thank you so much for your continued partnership. You are the expert on your children, but it is important to remember
that you are not alone in helping your children through this unsettling time. 
Please email Counselors Sam Strazza or Jessica Cattani if you have questions about navigating counseling services.




Jessica Cattani

School Counselor, MA, PPSC, Grades 7-12

Samantha Keslowitz

School Counselor, M.Ed, PPSC, Grades 2-6


School Counselors Sam Strazza and Jessica Cattani will continue to be a resource for you. We understand that some of the changes related to distance learning may bring up anxious and uncomfortable feelings. If you would like to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss anything that is concerning you, please contact us directly.


  • Meetings will be via Zoom - please indicate if you would like the video ON or OFF for your meeting.
  • Appointments will be automatically set, no need to reconfirm.