Boost Brain Power: Summer Programs at Westmark

Boost Brain Power: Summer Programs at Westmark
Westmark Staff

It’s not too early to plan for Summer Break! And this year, Westmark School expands its summertime offerings to engage aspiring high school–age entrepreneurs.

Summer Smarts remains Greater L.A.’s only summertime academic program specifically for Grades 1–12 students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences (LD). It is designed to boost each student's brain power, offering a customized instructional plan and all-important daily intervention in reading, math, and writing. It’s a great way to stay sharp over the long break, maintain and grow academic skills, and thereby avoid “summer slump.”

A new Entrepreneurs and Innovators Class—open to teens starting Grades 9–12 in the fall—will invigorate the program in 2024. For this pilot program, Westmark has taken inspiration from our expert friends at NoticeAbility, a nonprofit that incorporates the neuroscience of dyslexia, the best practices of special education, and the power of educational technology to construct enrichment curricula. Through a project-based, experiential lens, students learn about entrepreneurship while cultivating their social-emotional and executive functioning skills. Highlighting the cognitive skills associated with dyslexia, students engage in practical exercises that help them recognize these attributes in themselves and understand their application in entrepreneurship. 

Amy Dugré, Chief Academic Officer, recently recorded a short overview of what’s in store for Summer Smarts enrollees in 2024, including the Entrepreneurship Pathway. Check it out in the video snippet below, then apply or enroll today.

My name is Amy Dugre, Westmark School's Chief Academic Officer. Summer Smarts is back, and it's better than ever, and I want to tell you what's made it such a top-notch option for our LD learners. And this year, we are kicking Summer Smarts up a notch for our Upper School kids.