5 Tech Tips for LD Students

5 Tech Tips for LD Students
Westmark School

Digital tools to help make education accessible are right at our fingertips. We recently sat down with Krystal Centinello, Educational Technology Coordinator, to get her top five tech tips for students with language-based learning differences (LD).

Stay on Schedule

Making use of apps, like Reminders, Tasks, and Calendar, can help you stay on top of upcoming assignments and events. Never miss a deadline again!

Listen Up

Most of the latest smart devices have a text-to-speech feature, which can be toggled on and off through the accessibility settings. Select a portion of the text or the entire screen to be read aloud. You may even be able to control the sound of the voice and the speed of the speaker.

Speak Your Mind

Do you have challenges with handwriting, typing, or spelling? The speech-to-text feature (also found in the accessibility settings) on your smart device will transcribe the words you dictate. You’ll be sharing your ideas with the world in no time!

Level the Playing Field

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader was designed specifically to help students with LD. Functional across multiple apps, the tool enables users to break down syllabication, highlight words, zoom in, and adjust color, size, and font.

Quiet the Noise

Distracted by the ads and pop-ups on a webpage? Try Postlight Reader! This browser extension will, in keeping with its tagline, “clear the clutter from your articles.” With a simple click, unsightly ads and pop-ups disappear, leaving only text and images on the page of any website. Users can adjust font, alter text size, and choose between light or dark views. 

Educational technology is a critical tool at Westmark School and crucial to raising LD awareness. Stay tuned for more tips for LD students and families!