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Middle School Academics

Middle School Academics

Students in our Middle School work at a pace that fits their needs. The curriculum is delivered in small, personalized classes, with study and organizational skills built into each subject area. Our students learn more than just the content; they learn how they learn best, how to advocate for their educational needs, and how to prepare themselves for high school.


ReadingIn addition to these core content classes, careful assessment practices are used to place each student in a reading class appropriate to their current needs. Multisensory programs are employed that stimulate and develop concept and symbol imagery. Highly-trained teachers work to develop targeted skills in decoding, language comprehension, fluency, and sight word development.


EnglishEnglish classes at Westmark focus on literary analysis and intensive writing instruction. Using the foundational writing system, teachers guide students through a clear writing process that empowers them to create organized and well-developed written products. Technology enhances instruction and is a critical assistive tool.


MathMath courses at the Middle School cater to a student’s needs rather than their grade level. Student assessments are used to determine a program that best supports and challenges each learner. Every student is provided the opportunity to take a class that specifically addresses their skill needs. Small class size provides students the opportunity to receive intensive student support.

For students in need of remediation, Westmark offers Math LinksÓ. This course is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards but created to assist students who are struggling in mathematical concepts. Some of its features - including structured workspace - focus on concepts and efforts to limit magnitudes of numbers so computation does not interfere with learning important mathematical ideas. In addition, PreAlgebra, Algebra, and Algebra 1b are offered to students in each grade level.


Science Middle School students study Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science. Classrooms employ innovative online programs with interactive science simulations, hands-on labs and activities, further enhanced by research projects and collaborative learning experiences. Explicit instruction and support in note-taking, organization, and study skills are integrated into daily lessons.


HistoryMiddle School students take courses in Ancient Civilizations, Developing Civilizations and American History. Students have access to online reading materials and interactive notebooks. This foundation is enhanced by a multitude of creative projects that draw on students’ creative and critical thinking skills.

Students are provided explicit instruction in organization, study skills, and

note-taking. A foundational writing system is employed to support students’ development of written products.


Electives Westmark is committed to celebrating our student’s strengths and developing their individual talents. Students are offered a wide variety of elective opportunities in an effort to build on existing affinities and create room for exploration. Students participate in an elective of their choice on a weekly basis.


ArtsEach year, students take part in a rotation of Drama, Visual Arts and Digital Arts.

Middle School Performing Arts class meets once a week. Students are introduced to the world of performing through acting, music, writing, improvisation, projects, and application.

Middle School students are introduced to formal visual art concepts through projects designed to build a foundational understanding of art processes and concepts.

Students are asked to prepare video presentations as part of the Middle School Digital Arts curriculum.