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School Counselor

Supporting Our Student’s Full Potential
Westmark’s Counseling Office guides and supports our students to elevate their self-esteem, help build friendships, enrich their social experiences, and guide them through challenges in conflict resolution, academics, stress and anxiety. Middle School students experience significant changes during their Middle School years as they transition from Lower School and begin to prepare for Upper School. Our counseling team supports our students as they navigate these academic, social and emotional stages to foster their success.

In our Middle School program, we work with our students to ensure that their social-emotional trajectory is on target via hands-on projects, team building activities, lunches and assemblies.Our character development program R.E.A.L. focusing on Resilience, Empowerment, Anti-Bullying and Leadership is integrated into our Middle School curriculum and recognizes students throughout the year who exemplify these pillars.

As parents and educators, it is our responsibility to encourage, guide and nurture our students to their full potential by growing their capacities in creativity, intelligence, collaboration, compassion, adventure, love, authenticity, communication, imagination and so much more.

Nurturing a life is like cultivating a field. If left unattended, it will grow aimlessly and wild with weeds but as a gardener with foresight who nurtures and develops a flourishing and vibrant garden, so too can we parents and educators support the development of a stunning child with a life of vitality.

Julie Reid
School Counselor

818-986-5045 ext. 377