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Welcome to the Lower School

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When you join Westmark in the Lower School, you become part our community. Students learn to love school, build skills and foster relationships. Parents advocate for their child. And teachers support our youngest learners and their families with the right tools so each student can discover their strengths and find success.

We believe that all students can be taught the skills to read and comprehend to their potential. Our teachers are trained in sensory-cognitive instruction that has been proven successful for students with language-based learning differences

Research shows that the earlier a learner has the right tools and supports in place to build on their strengths and overcome challenges, the sooner they start on a journey to building a positive self-concept that fuels their growth. At Westmark we teach the whole child and have programs that support their growth in the arts, science, social studies and social emotional/ethical learning.

Parents are an important part of the team in the Lower School. We view the parent, teacher, and school as a team that works collaboratively in the best interest of each child.

It is important for both the parent and child to embrace their learning differences so they can not only get the accommodations that they need, but can also learn how to self-advocate and build confidence in their own intelligence and creativity.

As a Lower School student or family at Westmark, you get the irreplaceable gift of time and build connections that last a lifetime.

Marla Yukelson
Director of Lower School