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Summer Reading


In order to help students maintain the skills they have gained in reading this year and to encourage good reading habits, we are requiring that students complete a summer reading log. Summer reading routines should mirror how reading homework was completed throughout the school year. Each student is responsible for reading (on average) 1 hour per week for 10 weeks with a proficient reader. Please feel free to adjust weekly reading times to work around your family schedule to maintain an average of 1 hour per week. At the end of the summer, your student should have recorded at least 10 hours of reading.

Summer Reading Logs will be collected the first week of school in the fall.

In addition to students reading books at their just-right level, we encourage parents to read books at a higher level to their children. Reading aloud helps students experience the joy of a story and it's an opportunity to enjoy quality time together. Parents are modeling fluent reading, students are building background knowledge and enriching their vocabularies and discussions about the story or topic promote oral language development and comprehension. Students are encouraged to use Learning Ally or other digital resources to listen to books at a higher reading level than they can easily access on their own.