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Physical Education

Physical Education Overview

Team players. Leaders. Credit sharers. Gracious competitors. The lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and a healthy attitude toward athletic competition are the primary goals of the physical education and sports program at Westmark. This is achieved through an age-appropriate, creative and challenging athletics curriculum in Grades 2 through 10. From an emphasis on participation, fitness, skills and sportsmanship in the youngest grades to continuing participation and ability-based teams in the upper school, our enthusiastic student-athletes are well prepared for high school athletics and lifetime physical activities.

Valuable Life Lessons. Physical Education.Participation in our physical education program provides unique learning opportunities and is an integral part of the School’s mission. The life lessons taught are valuable and cannot effectively be replicated in the other contexts of day-to-day life within our school community. Great emphasis is placed on the physical fitness and wellness of the students. The goal of striving for a consistent level of excellence is essential.

P.E. at the Lower School

P.E. at the Lower SchoolLower School students participate in a carefully sequenced curriculum, with emphasis on fitness, participation, sportsmanship and general athletic skills, More specifically, the program develops gross and fine-motor skills, collaborative skills, coordination, visual and spatial awareness, cardiovascular fitness, self-confidence, and “knowing your body.”