Annual Fund

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is an integral part of providing extraordinary opportunities for learning with the excellent educational programs that Westmark is known for, while keeping the cost of a Westmark education more affordable.

These restricted funds not only provide enrichment, financial aid and scholarships to those who need it, but also allow Westmark the flexibility to embark on new initiatives, helping our students advance to their full potential, both in school and in life.

For more than 30 years, Annual Giving has been a vital source of institutional momentum for Westmark, and the primary way for all alumni, parents, and friends to help sustain those special elements that set Westmark apart.

The success of Annual Giving reflects the spirit of shared experience and mutual encouragement, as each generation of Westmark student preserves the legacy of opportunity he/she received, strengthens it, and passes it on.

This year, our goal is to once again reach 100% participation towards our financial goal of $1.183 million.

Please help if you can.

2016-2017 Annual Fund

By reaching our goal of $1.183 million, Annual Fund donations will help fund these vital areas:


For many of our students, the ARTS provide a forum to express their creativity, develop confidence, and provide an outlet for their extraordinary energy. Funds raised will support expansion of key art programs like Artist in Residence, dance, music, and theatre skills, as well as music electives like Keyboard, music theory and music appreciation, and will also support our community-wide Spring Musical and Fall Play.


ATHLETICS programs are essential to our educational mission. They help our students challenge themselves, work as a team, and contribute to the Westmark community. Donated funds will allow us to continue to support our expanded sports programming at every grade level, provide essential equipment, and allow our students to practice and play sports in regulation gyms, etc.

Professional Development and Enhancement

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for Westmark faculty and staff is critical to our students’ success and to our progress. Westmark teachers are called upon not only to be masters in special education, but specialists in their content areas as well. A monetary investment in this area directly translates into student growth. Funds help provide 40 opportunities a year for faculty and staff to expand their knowledge and perspective. We need to expand technology training to maintain our position as a leader in this area.

Tuition Assistance/Financial Aid

The fragile economy continues to impact many of our Westmark families. With a significant increase in applications for TUITION ASSISTANCE/FINANCIAL AID, the school continues to provide an opportunity for families and their children to attend Westmark who would not otherwise be able to afford the cost. The financial support provided also enhances the diversity of our community, benefiting all.

Safety, Security, Technology, Transportation and Emergency Needs

The SAFETY AND SECURITY of our students and staff is a very high priority. Last year, we embarked on a three-year program to enhance campus security. This year, Annual Fund gifts will help fund the next phase including security personnel, additional employee training, and installation of other vital security features.

With TECHNOLOGY changing every day, continuous upgrades to our school technology are required to provide the tools necessary for our students to access cutting edge technology and become independent learners. In turn, our teachers must be equipped to train them. Funds will be used to replace outdated SmartBoardsTM with new flat screens, enhance our technology platforms and pilot new technologies for our students.

A TRANSPORTATION van (to be used for team transportation to/from athletic events, as a shuttle for on-campus events, etc.) is needed to support our athletics and other schoolwide activities and programs. If we exceed our Annual Fund goal for 2016-17 funds raised, over and above our $1.183k goal, these funds will be allocated towards the purchase of a multi-passenger van.

Each year, needs arise that were not anticipated or planned, requiring the funding of an EMERGENCY FUND. A small portion of the Annual Fund dollars are allocated for unexpected needs that require immediate attention.

Student Enrichment

SERVICE LEARNING programs offer our students an opportunity to change the lives of other students whom they mentor. We will be creating new service learning programs at all levels (Lower, Middle and Upper School) and continuing our current service learning programs such as Project Eye-To-Eye.

Supporting Westmark student leaders and key faculty members to attend People of Color (POCC) and DIVERSITY conferences inspires and helps foster an understanding of the varying perspectives, cultures, religions, ethnicities within all people, as well as an acceptance of others and appreciation for oneself.

An ALUMNI network provides graduating students and alumni with valuable contacts, services and a support group to enhance their lives and careers. Donations will be used to grow this program to provide more direct services to our Westmark alumni.


Over $1.1 Million Raised and 100% Participation

2015-16 Annual Fund

100% Faculty/Staff

100% Parent Participation

Congratulations to the Entire Westmark Community

The impact? Your gifts helped fund many programs that benefit our students and help support our teachers. Just a couple of examples:

  • Westmark was able to expand our arts and athletics programs for 2015-16 for all students at all grade levels.
  • New sports equipment for our students was purchased.
  • A new projection system for the Lund auditorium was acquired (which improves everyone’s ability to enjoy student performances).
  • Faculty professional development training was provided that directly translates into improving the education our students receive.
  • And many, many more programs ranging from technology upgrades to financial aid to implementing new security programs were funded with your support.

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