Westmark Parent Association

A large group of Westmark parents smiling side-by-side outside.

Every parent and guardian of a currently enrolled Westmark School student is a member of the Westmark Parent Association (WPA). This close-knit organization underscores the value placed on campus culture and community at the School.

We are grateful to the WPA for contributing their time and talent year after year!

WPA Mission and Vision

During the 2022–2023 school year, the WPA Leadership Council developed and approved these statements of mission and vision:

The WPA is an organization of parents and guardians that works closely with the administration and faculty of Westmark School to advance the School’s mission, create an inclusive environment, promote community engagement, and grow parent knowledge on how to support our children and each other.

The WPA enriches Westmark School in the following capacities:

  • Builds a strong sense of community at Westmark School through mutual cooperation, volunteerism, and events that enrich the life of the School.
  • Creates and communicates opportunities for parents and guardians to engage meaningfully with School activities; learn about its research-based strategies and practices; and inspire a greater understanding of how to best support our children and each other.
  • Explores and establishes avenues for unifying and connecting the School’s diverse community, spanning over eighty zip codes throughout Southern California.

WPA Leadership Council, 2023–2024

  • Sherin Guirguis
  • Jodi Jacobsen
  • Heather O’Connell
  • Veronica Penn-Turner
  • Gina Rodriguez
  • Steve Sommars


WPA Committees

Parents and guardians deepen their involvement in the WPA by volunteering for one or more committees. Committees are subject to change each school year, but generally include the following:

  • Book Fair
  • Parent Bash
  • Homecoming
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation
  • Spring Gala
  • Family Fun Series
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Gently Used Uniform Sales / Lost and Found
  • Freshlunches Hot Lunch Service

Ambassador Programs

Peer-to-peer contact is critical to the success of the School. Through our ambassador programs, parents and guardians engage with current and prospective families in support of Westmark's fundraising, admission, and communications goals. The ambassador programs are as follows:

  • Westmark Fund Ambassadors
  • Admission Ambassadors
  • Grade Level Ambassadors

WPA Volunteerism

Check out just a few ways that WPA volunteers contribute to the life of the School.
Parent volunteers serve food at a table outside.

At the Homecoming Lions' Grill, WPA volunteers always cook up and serve a delicious meal.

A parent decorates the face of a student at Homecoming.

WPA volunteers bring their artistic talents to Homecoming each year.

Two parents stand at a table while outside at Homecoming.

Westmark parents volunteer their time and creativity to conceive and sell Westmark Wear throughout the year.

Parents outside serving dinner before a play.

Before showtime, Westmark parents organize dinners for Theater Arts cast and crew to enjoy together.

A group of parents smile behind a lunch buffet table.

Every spring, a WPA committee organizes a Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch (which is much-appreciated in return!).

A parent stands in front of an open closet containing hoodies on hangers.

The Lost and Found cabinet is kept in order by Westmark parent volunteers.