Professional Learning Opportunities

Westmark School is proud to present or host occasional programs designed for educational professionals. These expert presentations often offer continuing education credit.

See below for upcoming and/or recent professional learning programs held on our campus. 

  • Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator Course
    Organized by Orton-Gillingham Academy and International Dyslexia Association–Los Angeles (IDA-LA)

    Monday, July 15–Friday, July 19, 8:30 am–4:00 pm
    Westmark School

    The Orton-Gillingham (OG) Approach is a structured, systematic, multisensory, and diagnostic-prescriptive approach for the teaching of language skills (including reading, spelling, and handwriting) for students with dyslexia. This course will provide participants with an introduction to the basics of the OG Approach within a classroom or small group. Completion of this course and a supervised practicum will prepare the trainee to apply for OG Classroom Educator Certification through the Orton-Gillingham Academy.

    Thirty hours of the course are in-person and five hours are independent assignments. Registrants should plan to complete 3-4 hours of independent prerequisite assignments prior to the first day of the course.

  • Southern California Workshop for Educational Therapists
    Organized by Association of Educational Therapists

    Saturday, March 16, 8:30 am
    Westmark School

    This program featured the following expert presentations: "Auditory Processing Disorder and Listening Challenges: Strategies for Successful Intervention" by Lois Kam Heymann, M.A., CCC-SLP; and "Understanding the Dyslexia in Dyscalculia: How to Support Your Clients If You Don't 'Do' Math!" by Sandra T. Elliott, Ph.D.