We need one or two parents from each grade level to act as a communicator with other parents in your class. This is NOT for personal communication or intervention among parents, but only as an aide to communication relating to Westmark. Essential responsibilities:  Send out weekly emails or make phone calls to remind parents of upcoming school functions, sports events, parent education meetings, school trips, special dress days, etc.  Attend monthly WPA meetings  Act in conjunction with the school as a liaison for communication between the school, teachers, and the parents in your grade, reinforcing information they might send out or need sent out in a timely manner to the entire class. ​​


Event Description: Hosted by the school administration, the Back to School Celebration is our big welcome-back party and an opportunity for parents to re-connect with old friends and acquaint themselves with new ones. We will need several parents to lend their generous support with light set-up and clean-up duties as well as greeting parents upon arrival.​
Hosted by Westmark Parent Association and Westmark School. Join in our annual Fall Festival event, which takes place in October. We organize a day full of school spirit, food, and fun! We need booth captains and many volunteers to make this day a success!​​
Hosted by the Westmark Parent Association and Westmark School. This fantastic event is Westmark School’s largest fundraiser and biggest party! There are numerous opportunities for you to lend your talents, including invitations, decorations, venue set-up, and auction item solicitation. More details to follow.​​
What a wonderful way to say thank you to all the teachers and staff for their dedication and devotion to our students all year long! This luncheon takes place in the spring. We need volunteers to organize the event, decorate tables, and help make our teachers and staff enjoy a relaxing catered lunch.​​​​


A series of parties hosted year-round by parents for parents. A wonderful opportunity to build community and meet families in every division. This is a great way to fundraise and support Westmark School. ​
Mailers and General Westmark School/Office Help: These volunteers will be called upon on an "as needed" basis to stuff envelopes, send out invitations, decorate for an event, or fill in as extra help with any of our school functions. This is a good opportunity for people with irregular schedules.​​
In association with the school’s multiculturalism efforts, the IDC plans to host events, speakers, and celebrations, as well as provide support throughout the school year.​​
WPA is responsible for the school Hot Lunch program. We need 2-3 volunteers EVERY SCHOOL DAY to check students in so they can receive their hot lunch from our vendor. Shifts are typically from 11:30-12:45 or 11:45 - 1:15 depending on the day. Sign up for a regular day each week, a week at a time, or periodically when your schedule allows.​​
Join the Hospitality committee and help with refreshments at WPA meetings and other events.​​​​
Help us sell Gently Used Uniforms at designated school events, and assist in sorting and returning Lost & Found items throughout the year. ​​​
We are expanding the scope of this committee beyond the one luncheon in the spring. Early stage plans include adding more mini-events during Teacher Appreciation Week, as well as the following efforts initiated last year: Breakfast for staff on the first day of school, breakfast on the first day back after winter break, and snacks during parent/teacher conferences. Plus potential other displays of appreciation throughout the year.​​​
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