This joint effort with the school is Westmark’s largest fundraiser outside of the Annual Fund. Monies raised benefit a number of beloved Westmark programs, with Financial Aid as the largest beneficiary. Volunteers are needed to help in the planning stages, right before the event, and during the event itself.​​


This committee will help identify areas of interest to our parents and then locate and book dynamic speakers. We hope to work with other schools in the area, or other schools with similar parent interests, to share potential costs.​​
The objective of this committee is to provide resources and/or structured opportunities for Westmark families to give back to the community: For parents, families, and one-on-one parent/child "service dates". Help define this committee to best serve our Westmark families.​​
As a school with rolling admissions, we are continually welcoming new families to the Westmark community - and new parents to the WPA. Help shape this new WPA committee and start traditions to help ease the transition to a new school. ​​
In association with the school’s multiculturalism efforts, the IDC plans to host events, speakers, and celebrations, as well as provide support throughout the school year.​​
This committee was formed at the end of the school year in response to parent feedback about last year’s lunch vendor. Alternatives are currently being reviewed. The committee will also be coordinating our new initiative: On-campus parent volunteers to help to serve lunch.​​


The way to our parents’ hearts is through their stomachs. Join the Hospitality committee and help us show them the love with refreshments at WPA meetings and other events.​​
Help us sell Westmark Wear at school functions, and assist in the distribution/storage of incoming orders throughout the year. This year, we have merged this committee with Lost & Found (we need assistance in sorting and returning found items) since last year’s cabinets were overflowing with Westmark Wear items! ​​
We are expanding the scope of this committee beyond the one luncheon in the spring. Early stage plans include adding more mini-events during Teacher Appreciation Week, as well as the following efforts initiated last year: Breakfast for staff on the first day of school, breakfast on the first day back after winter break, and snacks during parent/teacher conferences. Plus potential other displays of appreciation throughout the year.​​
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