Visual Arts

Several Upper School students in art class working on drawing and painting.

Westmark School students build their visual arts proficiency over time. Projects are often cross-curricular, intentionally designed to reinforce subject matter learned outside the art studio. 

In Grades 1–8, our young artists engage in drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, stop-motion animation, fiber arts, mixed-media art, and more. The studio is well-supplied, making it possible for students to try the full range of art forms.

In Upper School, the curriculum builds sequentially on the foundational and formal visual art concepts that are introduced in the lower grades. For the serious art student, advanced-level studio classes provide the opportunity to pursue independent projects or build a portfolio for college applications. Grades 9–12 students also produce Westmark’s annual yearbook as part of a specially designated elective.

Student artwork is exhibited in the spring at our Middle and Upper School Arts Showcase and our Lower School Art Show.

View the Gallery

View a selection of artworks by Visual Arts students across all grades.
A student's portrait of a person with long black curly hair.

By Elizabeth

A student painting of colorful abstract patterns.

By Ariel

A student's artwork, a block print stylized fish and decorative motifs.

By Cassidy

A student illustration of a woman with brown hair, a thought bubble shows four different facial expressions.

By Makena

A painting of a big umbrella with pairs of feet showing underneath.

By Sosie

A cardboard figure of a human wearing sunglasses in motion.

By Zadeh

A student's painting of the sky at sunset over the ocean.

By Leo

A drawing of yeti with a knit scarf.

By Xavier

An art print with three rows of animal eyes

By Roman

A drawing of a tree with abstract patterns behind it.

By Miles

A painted clay figure of a human bust of a blonde woman with glasses.

By Ruby

Artwork of headphones against a colorful background.

By Marley

A student black and white portrait exploring light and shadow.

By Julien

A student artwork of a snowy landscape scene, with pine trees and a moose.

By Charlotte

A student artwork with a downward view of sneakers and street art.

By Jack

A student illustration of abstract colorful geometric figures.

By Anelie

A student artwork drawing of a flower  and leaf-like shapes.

By Chase

A student's painting of a starry night with clouds and a full moon.

By Campbell