Two Upper School students play drums in a music class.

From playing favorite tunes to writing and producing original songs, the Music program at Westmark School fuels the artistry of our learners. Moreover, music education can have a positive impact on students with learning differences (LD). It enhances cognitive skills, boosts self-esteem, and improves coordination.

In Grades 2–8, Westmark students are introduced to music theory and appreciation and learn the fundamentals of reading music. On instruments ranging from glockenspiels and recorders to handbells, ukuleles, and their own voices, our young musicians come to understand rhythm and melody. 

In Upper School, each Music class becomes a band! Grade 9 students may take Music I, a hands-on course in which they either learn a new instrument—for example, piano, guitar, bass, drums, or vocals—or hone their skills as part of a group ensemble. The curriculum includes learning to play popular songs from diverse genres while building a foundation in music history and theory. In Grades 10–12, students delve deeper into songwriting, production, and music technology.

During the school year, the Westmark community is treated to live performances by our musicians. Happy listening!


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View a selection of photographs of Music students learning, rehearsing, and performing for the Westmark community.

In January 2024, Upper School bands "lucked out" and got the opportunity to play at Lucky Strike Hollywood.

The Lucky Strike show was a chance to practice performing live and showcase their skills.

Cheered on by parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, and more, the Lucky Strike show was an afternoon to remember.

A group of students rehearse a choir performance on stage.

Grades 2–3 rehearse their choir performance for the Lower School Winter Revue 2023.

A group of students perform in their band.

In Upper School, every Music class forms a band and plays at Westmark events throughout the year.

A group of students seated on stage play musical instruments.

Lower School students learn a variety of instruments and perform at Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

A student sits and plays the electric guitar.

Our student musicians learn an instrument of their choice.

A student sits in front of a piano keyboard and a laptop while other students play drums int he background.

In addition to playing music, students learn how to use audio production software.

A student plays the bass guitar.

The Music program leverages the creativity of our students with distinct learning styles.

A drummer playing while outside.

Upper School bands took the stage at Homecoming 2023.

A group of students perform on stage outside in their rock band.

An array of rock genres was performed during Homecoming 2023.

A group of students performing in their band on stage, outside.

The Westmark community enjoyed the Homecoming 2023 setlist.