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At Westmark School, students with language-based learning differences (LD) discover their strengths, build confidence, and find success. Invest in Westmark nurturing and innovative learning environment to unlock your LD child's potential.

The value of education is set by the individuals making a decision to invest in it. Early on, Westmark chose to invest in our son's academic journey. It was a special two-way partnership neither party took for granted. Everyone did their part to ensure the resources were available for him, and he put in the work necessary to succeed. We are grateful for Westmark's generosity, as well as our son's gift of continuing to shine!

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With the opening of the new Lower School Campus, Westmark School is pleased to open Grade 1 in the 2024–2025 school year. We look forward to engaging the families of rising first graders!

Tuition and New Student Fee

Annual tuition for the 2024–2025 school year is $64,470. The required, non-refundable deposit is $4,020.

All students accepted to Westmark are assessed a one-time new student fee of $2,125. This fee covers the cost of required assessments, technology, and system setup. It is not part of the tuition cost.

Payment Plans

Westmark offers a variety of payment plans to meet our families' needs.

Enrolling families must pay a non-refundable $4,020 deposit for the following academic year in order to complete their student’s registration. The remaining tuition—after applying the enrollment deposit and any tuition assistance (see below for more information about tuition assistance)—is due as follows:

One payment—Remaining balance due in a lump sum on July 1

Two payments—Remaining balance due in two payments: one on July 1 and one on December 1

Six payments—Remaining balance due over six months and paid in six equal monthly installments from July 1 through December 1

Please contact the Business Office should you require additional information regarding tuition and payment options.

Tuition Insurance

Westmark offers tuition insurance through A.W.G. Dewars. The cost of this insurance is 2.5% of the annual tuition for the 2024–2025 school year. This insurance is optional to all families on the one-payment plan who pay their tuition in full by July 1; it is mandatory for any family choosing any one of the other payment plan options.

Tuition Assistance

The purpose of Westmark School’s tuition assistance program is to support and welcome a diverse group of qualified students from various socio-economic backgrounds who would otherwise be unable to attend Westmark. Tuition assistance is available to qualifying families who have a documented financial need. Families interested in applying for tuition assistance may begin the process by completing the online application through FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition).

For technical assistance with the FAST site and application completion, contact FAST directly at or (877) 326-FAST. Families who have questions regarding our tuition assistance program should contact the Business Office. 


Scroll down to read more about tuition assistance policies, standards of best practice, procedures and administration, and guidelines. 

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