Summer Programs

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Westmark School offers two summer programs for students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and other diagnosed language-based learning differences (LD).


If you missed the opportunity to enroll this year, we hope you'll join us next summer! Read more about our programs below and check back for next year's enrollment details in winter 2025.

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Summer Smarts

June 17–July 12 (except June 19 and July 4)

8:30 am–12:30 pm

Summer Smarts is Greater L.A.'s leading academic program for children with language-based LD. It is designed to help students sustain and grow their academic skills as they prepare for the next grade level and successful futures.

Conducted in small groups, instruction is uniquely tailored to each student’s learning profile. Classes are taught by Westmark School’s expert specialists, who are highly trained in research-based teaching methodologies that meet the needs of LD students. Offering a friendly and supportive environment, the program develops confident and engaged learners and provides enriching opportunities for students eager to take on new challenges. By the end of the summer, students are ready to tackle the new school year and beyond!

Our daughter is new to Westmark. Summer Smarts was a fantastic way for her to be introduced to the teachers, methodology, and campus.

Westmark Parent


Camp Westmark

June 10–July 19 (except June 19 and July 4)

Full-day and half-day weeks available; see below for detailed schedule

Introducing Camp Westmark, a well-rounded summer camp experience for Summer Smarts students! Participation is optional.

Each day, campers will enjoy a rotation of enriching activities, including arts and crafts, basketball, ceramics, coding, cooking, dance, gaga, karate, robotics, science, and more! Weekly themes are brought to life through spirit days and special activities, such as water slides, a foam party, a reptile show, a color run, and a bubble show!

Camp Westmark will run as follows:

  • Full-day week: June 10–14, 8:30 am–4:00 pm
  • Half-day weeks during Summer Smarts: June 17–July 12, 12:30–4:00 pm
  • Full-day week: July 15–19, 8:30 am–4:00 pm

For the full experience, sign up for Summer Smarts plus all six weeks of Camp Westmark! Your child will benefit from Summer Smarts learning while experiencing the joy of Camp Westmark.

Or choose the week(s) that best suit your family's schedule.


Summer Smarts is open to all current Westmark students. It is required of all newly enrolled Westmark students, providing a critical opportunity to acclimate to the School’s academic programming and campus culture, as well as meet teachers and make friends!

Summer Smarts also welcomes applications from non-Westmark students who have a diagnosed language-based learning difference (LD). Applicants must have completed within the last three years a neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation. A district Individual Education Program (IEP) is also accepted.

Camp Westmark is open to any student who is enrolled in Summer Smarts. 

Please note:

  • Summer Smarts students must enroll in and attend the full four-week session. It is not an option to enroll for single course offerings or select weeks.
  • Students have the option to enroll in Camp Westmark. It is not a requirement of the Summer Smarts program.

Fees and Payment

Summer Smarts

  • Four weeks of half-day programming: $5,400
    • Grades 9–12 students only! Take advantage of 25% off by enrolling with a buddy in the Entrepreneurship Pathway by May 1, 2024. Learn more below.
  • Non-refundable deposit upon enrollment: $270

Camp Westmark

  • Each full-day week: $450
  • Each half-day week: $225

All-Inclusive Programs

  • Six weeks of full-day programming (half-day Summer Smarts plus half- and full-day Camp Westmark): $7,200


  • Four weeks of full-day programming (half-day Summer Smarts plus half-day Camp Westmark): $6,300
  • Non-refundable deposit upon enrollment: $270

Payment Plans

  • For Westmark families:
    • 1 payment: Due May 1
    • 3 payments: Due May 1, June 1, July 1
    • 6 payments; Due May 1, June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1
  • For non-Westmark families:
    • 1 payment: Due May 1
    • 2 payments: Due May 1, June 1

Refund policy: Fees are fully refundable minus the $270 deposit if Westmark is notified of your cancellation before May 15, 2024.

Summer Smarts Curriculum Pathways

Our Summer Smarts program features two pathways of half-day programming: Academics and Entrepreneurship. The Academics Pathway is open to all eligible students entering Grades 1–12 in the fall of 2024. New in 2024, the Entrepreneurship Pathway is open to students entering Upper School (Grades 9–12). Learn more about each pathway below. 

We hope you’ll join us for a transformative summer where education meets inspiration!

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Academics Pathway

Every day during the four-week session, students in this pathway take core intervention classes in reading, writing, and math, plus one elective.
Core Intervention Classes

The student’s neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation, IEP, and other admission data are used to determine a program that best supports and challenges each learner. Furthermore, at the start of each session, students complete a comprehensive reading assessment, which informs their placement in specific classes. If deemed appropriate, a student's class schedule may change to better serve their learning needs.

At the end of the session, all students receive an end-of-session report that details the progress they have made during the session. 

Read more about our core intervention classes:


Summer Smarts not only maintains and boosts academic skills over the long break. It also engages students in a variety of electives that nourish creativity, stimulate critical thinking, and provide an all-important brain break during the day.

Summer Smarts electives change from year to year. Learn more about the electives being offered during the 2024 session:

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Entrepreneurship Pathway

New in 2024! Upper School (Grades 9–12) students may now choose this new and exciting Summer Smarts pathway exploring the fundamental tenets of entrepreneurship. In addition, students will have the opportunity to take one supplemental class.

Entrepreneurs and Innovators Class

Through a project-based, experiential lens, students learn about entrepreneurship, while cultivating their social-emotional and executive functioning skills. Guest speakers, lively and relevant videos, and hands-on projects bring their classroom experiences to life. Highlighting the cognitive skills associated with dyslexia, students engage in practical exercises that help them recognize these attributes in themselves and understand their application in entrepreneurship. The class culminates in a project presentation demonstrating students’ creativity, problem-solving abilities, and personal empowerment.

Supplemental Class

Students on the Entrepreneurship Pathway choose an additional class to supplement their academic growth over the summer. Their options are:

  • A core intervention class in reading, writing, or math
  • An elective
  • An accelerated math class

Read more about the core intervention classes and electives under the Academics Pathway. Learn more about Accelerated Math: Foundations of Financial Literacy below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Westmark's summer programs? Read the Summer Programs FAQ.

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