Educational Technology

Two students sit at a table and work on IPADs.

Westmark School strives to graduate students who are well-versed in technology and confident navigating the digital world. In addition to equipping students with the devices and software they need for learning, Westmark teaches twenty-first-century learning concepts—including systematic thinking and information and media literacy—reinforcing a seamless partnership between teachers and students.

To facilitate learning and access, Westmark provides an iPad to each student in Lower and Middle School. In Upper School, families may choose between a school-issued iPad or a student’s personal device.

Starting in Lower School, Westmark students are introduced to a variety of accessibility features, including speech-to-text and text-to-speech software, spelling and grammar proofreading programs, and screen readers to support access and representation of academic content. On their iPads, they learn the basics of the device as a learning tool. Teachers utilize apps, audiobooks, and websites to keep lessons engaging and accessible. Lower School students are also introduced to apps in the Google Workspace for Education, in addition to Apple apps such as Pages and Keynote. 

By the end of Middle School, students are expected to utilize EdTech tools fluently and independently so that they are ready to advocate for and learn to use technology that supports their learning profiles in Upper School.

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