A student and teacher stand and look at poster paper inside a classroom.

Westmark School transforms lives. We spark the imaginations of our youngest learners as they explore the world. We nourish the growth of our Middle School students as they develop character and confidence. And we illuminate the futures of our high schoolers as they push past limits and reach for success. 

Because our students think and learn differently, we teach differently. Offering differentiated instruction, evidence-based teaching strategies, and a nurturing school environment, Westmark celebrates the distinct learning styles of our neurodiverse students. Championed by our dedicated and caring faculty—all trained in multisensory, practice-proven methodologies that bridge the latest neuroscientific findings to classroom practice—our Westmark Lions turn struggle into strength and challenge into opportunity.

We have seen a huge transformation at home and a significant shift in our child's attitude about school since starting second grade at Westmark three months ago. He genuinely enjoys going to school, and we are so happy with the progress he's making in reading.

Westmark Parent

The Westmark Difference

Westmark School strives to nourish the bright minds of students with language-based learning differences (LD). By way of a multimodal pedagogy, we empower them to embrace their unique learning profiles, cultivate their strengths, and address their areas of need.

Our structured and highly individualized approach to teaching is grounded in the following best practices and principles:

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