Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees serves as the guardian of the Westmark School mission. In close partnership with the Head of School, the trustees ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the Westmark community and that the School succeeds at fulfilling its strategic goals. 

The board’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide strategic direction for the School.

  • Establish policies, plans, and priorities that are in keeping with the School’s vision for the future.

  • Recruit and select the Head of School.

  • Ensure that the School has the financial and other resources to implement its plans.

Board of Trustees, 2023–2024

James Kilcourse, Chair

Nancy Branscombe, Vice-Chair

Mara Hofman, Treasurer

Cordelia Bacher Sweetland
Kevin Crummy
Brandi Fraser
Anya Goldin
Chad Lasdon
Brittany Levinson
Veronica Penn-Turner
Joe Perez
Judith Shore
Stephen Trilling
Alexandra Von Tiergarten

Past Trustees

Josephine M. Adair
Veda D. Adams
Tess Ayers
Wayne Bailey
Leslie Barnebey
Steven Batiste
Reeve Chudd
David Clark
Debra B. Cohen
Victor Coleman
David Cronenbold
Dawnmarie Cunnion
Susanne Daniels
Elizabeth English
Earl Enzer
John Fogelman
Andrew L. Furgatch
Richard Gilliland
Jolyon H. Gissell
Jeff Goldstein
Kim Goldstein
Robert Paul Gruen
Ron Joseph Guzman
Jane Haven
Tanynya Hekymara
Robert L. Hoyt
Margaret A. Jones
Jody Katz
Kathleen Kennedy
Sonia Rebecca Kirkman
Susie Belzberg Krevoy
Roberta Kung
Barry Kurtz
Penny Levin

Arnold Levitt
Deborah H. Liebling
Laura Lizer
Andrea Almeida Mack
Denise Mandel
Danna Meyer
James W. Montgomery
Robert Myman
Charles Nelson
Paul Plotkin
Arnold A Rifkin
Laura Robbins
Carl W. Robertson
Tobey Rae Sanchini
D. Gregory Scott
Marc Scott
Richard Shaffran
Sarae Shenkin
Victoria Mann Simms
Kenneth Sleeper
Scott Spiwak
Arthur Stein
Christian Stevens
Dave R. Stohl
Robert Sutton
Patrick B. Terwilliger
Michael Tollin
Jeffrey Turner
Stephen Turner
Mohammad Virani
Angela Rose White
Edgar F. Whitmore
Simon Wise

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