Three students arrive to school by bus.

Westmark School is a creative and supportive college preparatory school dedicated to educating, empowering, and celebrating students with distinct learning styles, providing the tools necessary to achieve successful and fulfilling futures.

Since our founding in 1983, Westmark has transformed the lives of young people with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and other diagnosed language-based learning differences (LD). Over forty years and across many phases of campus, curricular, and administrative growth, Westmark has remained deeply committed to its mission. 

A Message from the Head of School

On any given day at Westmark School, I see the joy of learning that takes place across the campus. A Middle Schooler is discussing classic literature for the first time before trying ceramics in the art studio. A junior is discovering an interest in conceptual physics or American politics; a senior is working on organizational skills in preparation for college next year. Second graders giggle their way through a lesson about odd and even numbers using colorful cubes, while a Grade 5 Reading class practices sight words in an exercise that feels more like a game.

At Westmark, every student thinks and learns differently—and every student achieves daily.

These everyday achievements attest to the strength and determination of our Westmark Lions, each one of whom is celebrated for their distinct learning style. They also attest to the transformative power of Westmark’s approach to educating neurodiverse students—an approach that is elevated by integrating translational research into the classroom. That is the promise of a Westmark education. Through our partnerships with renowned experts and leading institutions, we understand—at a neuropsychological and neurobiological level—how the brain functions and therefore how our students must be taught. When we connect the latest advances in neuroscience to our pedagogy and practice, our Westmark Lions grow and thrive.

On any given day at Westmark School, we embrace our students and their families in a circle of safety, support, love, and understanding—a home away from home! As we build upon the School’s forty-year history, I am excited for what lies ahead: the honor of building community with all of you and joining forces to empower our learners so they can realize their full potential.

Claudia Koochek
Head of School

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About Our Partnerships

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About the Head of School

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