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For those able to come to school tomorrow, school will resume. While campus will be open as usual, please know that we are very aware that our students will need extra support.

No new content will be taught during classes, there will be no tests, and all assignments due have been postponed until after the Thanksgiving break. No homework will be assigned.

Sports practices and games will also resume as usual. Fall Play practice will resume tomorrow and performances will proceed as planned on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening.

Please continue to keep our larger community including our heroic firefighters and first responders in your thoughts. Continue to remember the victims of the Borderline tragedy. And continue to hold dear what matters most.

Due to the widespread evacuations and fires, we have decided to close school tomorrow, Tuesday, November 13. Campus will be open tomorrow from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm and admin and staff will be on hand preparing for our students' return, should you need to reach us.

The WPA meeting, all sport events (practices and games), and Fall play practice scheduled for tomorrow are all cancelled.

Sending heartfelt wishes for your safety.

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