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Digital Arts

Westmark News Network (WNN)

Every morning, Westmark School's Video Production class broadcasts a 14-minute news show from the WNN Studio on campus. The production staff is made up of high school students who are responsible for various duties throughout the week. Some students edit news segments while others tape news stories or prepare the studio for broadcast. The students become a team over time and develop skills in many areas of production.

  • Provides educational overview of production, including the basic mechanics of various digital video and sound equipment
  • Students learn to edit using Final Cut Express
  • Brings student body and staff together in preparation of shows
  • Students generate excitement and interest on campus by highlighting campus activities

Performing Arts

Introduction to Theater Arts (9th Grade)

Westmark School's Performing Arts department offers a quarter-long course in Theatrical Arts. Our Introduction to Theater Arts course is geared for beginner students who are introduced to various aspects of Theater. Students are immersed in acting methods, improvisation, theatrical design (costume, lighting, set), theater history, application, creativity, and teamwork. Students are also given to opportunity to report any performing arts announcements on our WNN broadcast network each week. Students will be able to walk away with a little more confidence in performing in public and/or public speaking.

Theater Arts II – (10th - 12th Grade)

Westmark School's Performing Arts department offers a year-long course in Theatrical Arts. Our Theater Arts II course is geared for the intermediate students interested in Theater Arts. Students are immersed in acting methods, monologues/scene work, acting techniques and skills, improvisation, voiceover work, stand-up comedy, dubbing, application, writing, directing, creativity, and teamwork. They become well-versed in theatrical terminology and produce a portfolio full of work throughout the year. Students are able to walk away understanding how to develop their resume, what to look for in a headshot, and how to prepare for an audition and execute the role.

Theater Arts III – (11th and 12th Grade)

Westmark School's Performing Arts department offers a year-long course in Theatrical Arts. Our Theater Arts III course is geared for the intermediate and advanced students interested in Theater Arts. Students are asked to find their voice through various acting methods, and explore multiples careers in this field, as well as explore the history of theater and current theater in national and international arts. Students will apply techniques in various performance opportunities in class and outside of class. Students in Theater Arts III take a more advanced and professional approach in the field of Theater Arts.

Production (Fall Play & Spring Musical)

Each year, Westmark School's Performing Arts department produces a Fall Play and a Spring Musical. Rehearsals are mostly held after school, but students in the Upper School may work on the Production during X-period every Thursday. Students may work as cast or crew members during this time on scene work or set/prop/costume building.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Westmark School’s Visual Arts program offers a variety of exciting and creative experiences tailored for each grade level.

The Upper School program builds from year to year on the foundational and formal visual art concepts that were introduced in earlier courses. Through studio classes, art history, clubs, and production design upper school students have opportunities to develop an advanced skill level. For the serious art student, advanced level studio classes provide time to pursue independent projects or work on building a portfolio for college applications. In addition, students at the high school level who participate in stage crew/production design, work in concert with Performing Arts students to design, develop and build scenery and props for the Performing Arts productions.

Student work is showcased at division level Art Shows and school events throughout the year.

After School Enrichment

      • Visual Arts (beginning/intermediate-Lower and Middle school students)
      • Advanced Visual Arts ( intermediate/advanced- Middle and Upper school students)
      • Stage Crew/Production Design (Middle and Upper School students)

Westmark's Visual Arts Program is led by Cynthia Hersch. Ms. Hersch holds a BA in liberal arts, with concentrations in studio art and art education, from Vermont College. Additionally, she holds a California single subject teaching credential for PK-12 Art. She comes to teaching as a second career, after many years experience in the commercial art world as an artist and award winning art director. Ms. Hersch became part of the Westmark family in the fall of 2010. As a teaching artist, Ms. Hersch brings to the classroom a passion for the arts, in all its forms, believing that the arts are a critical component to a well-rounded education, and indeed, that they can be a door to a variety of understandings and meta-cognitive skills for all people.

Digital Arts Teacher
Mr. Ben Simington

Performing Arts Teacher and Director of Productions
Ms. Kristina Turpin

Visual Arts Teacher and
Set Designer

Ms. Cynthia Hersch

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