Signature Programs

Welcome from the Lower School Director

Westmark's Lower School curriculum is designed to spark the imaginations of our youngest students in grades 2-5. Our small class sizes allow for individualized instruction and students are offered a comprehensive academic program, with emphasis on developing reading skills. Using research-based methodoligies, grades two through five receive reading instruction for two hours per day in small group settings. The goals are to develop symbol imagery, increase sight word recognition and increase speed of phonemic awareness. In addition, students develop the ability for further reading comprehension, oral language, following directions and expressive language and writing skills. Through multi-modal and interactive teaching, students use the assistive technology and research tools at their fingertips to learn each day.

Westmark students not only learn to read, but also learn to feel good about school again, often after years of experiencing anxiety,
defeat and self doubt. Our expertly trained teachers deliver individualized instruction that results in real progress,
and inspire students to believe in their ability to succeed.

Westmark continues to be the benchmark for intensive individualized instruction that both supports and challenges each student
based on their individual needs. It is the model for promoting in students the executive functioning skills
and compensatory strategies necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

At Westmark, students learn that learning differently is only one part of their complex and beautifully unique identity.

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