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Westmark Parent Association (WPA)

The fundamental purpose of the Westmark Parent Association (WPA) is:

- To support the operation and general activities of Westmark School.
- To act as liaison between parents and the school faculty and administration.
- To enhance the quality of learning through WPA activities, committees and fund raising programs.

The Westmark Parent Association (WPA) provides activities and support services to the school that are vital in making Westmark the amazing school that it is. All parents are invited and encouraged to become an active part of the WPA. With your involvement and support, the WPA can reach its goal, building good will within the parent community and enhancing the feeling of school community between students, parents, teachers, staff and administration.

Annual dues ($125.00 per family) allow the WPA to accomplish our goals, providing the following activities and support services to the school, specifically:

  • Sunshine Committee: WPA provides support to Westmark Families in time of need and recognizes special occasions.
  • Teacher / Staff Appreciation Luncheon & Birthday Recognition
  • Normal Operating Expenses: WPA Hospitality, Homecoming, Gala and other community building events; special mailings and communications with families; fund raising for school improvements, etc.

Hilary Zalon
Sasha Zalon, Grade 6
Esme Zalon, Grade 3

Ruth Devine
Johanna Devine, Grade 10

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WPA Liaisons
Bria Verdugo-Uy
Danyelle Seneca

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