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College Center

Westmark’s College Center works closely with students and their families to navigate the road to college, helping to identify and evaluate
students’ choices and options after graduation.

As part of the school’s comprehensive college counseling program, students receive support in preparing for standardized testing, identifying appropriate accommodations, preparing for the college interview and essays,
and developing self-advocacy skills.

Westmark’s College Counseling Center is an extension of our educational program. We strongly believe that students should be in the driver’s seat and carry as much of the responsibility for the process as possible because it is the students who are the candidates. Collecting information, soliciting recommendations, self-advocating, and organizing components of the application are all good learning experiences for college bound students. As with other Westmark programs, the College Center will meet each student where they are in this process and offer the support and guidance that each student needs along the way.

Applying to college is an exciting, but at times emotional adventure. The College Counseling Center offers a well-developed college counseling program that will not only assess a student’s college options but also has methods in place for helping students address the search for identity, evaluate personal learning strengths and challenges, cope with the expectations that each student and their families bring to the table, and confront the feelings of vulnerability and apprehension with which students and families wrestle during this time.

The College Counseling Center offers support and guidance to both students and their families starting in the ninth grade and continuing through

Westmark’s College Counseling Center will provide pertinent information regarding application responsibilities, hold individual meeting with students from the second semester of junior year through senior year, present several college workshops and informational sessions, help each student create a college list, and offer ongoing support and advocacy throughout the year.

The search for a path after high school is a journey for all involved: teachers, mentors, coaches, families, and, most importantly, the students themselves. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with each student and family during this transformational period.

College Counselor
Katharine Gibson
818-986-5045 ext. 336

Ms. Gibson

Testing Coordinator
Manoli Dramitinos
818-986-5045 ext. 400

Mr. Dramitinos

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