Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is responsible for defining the school's mission and providing strategic direction for the school.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Determining and articulating the school's mission, vision, and values
  • Recruiting and selecting the school's Head of School
  • Ensuring that the school engages in planning for its future
  • Determining the programs that the school will deliver to implement its strategies and accomplish its goals; monitoring the performance of these programs to ensure their value
  • Ensuring that the school has financial and other resources adequate to implement its plans
  • Ensuring the effective management and use of the school's finances
  • Enhancing the school's credibility and public image
  • Ensuring organizational integrity and accountability
  • Assessing and developing the Board's own effectiveness

The Board of Trustees sets annual institutional goals in conjunction with the Head of School. We ask the Head to develop goals which are consistent with the mission and the strategic plan, to iterate those goals with his senior leadership team and then bring them to the Executive Committee of the Board for review and then to the overall Board for approval. Ultimately, the Board of Trustees answers to the most important constituency: the students and parents of Westmark School. It is an honor to serve on this Board.

We appreciate your support, and welcome your comments and suggestions.


Dave Clark


Chip Robertson


Jeff Goldstein


Andrea Mack

Jody AdairVeda Adams*Steve Batiste*
Dawn CunnionKim Goldstein*Tanynya Hekymara
Mara Hofman*Rob HoytKathleen Kennedy
James Kilcourse

Susie KrevoyDeborah Leibling
Rae Sanchini-TobeyDavid StohlMike Tollin

Claudia Koochek: Head of School

* Denotes New board Member

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